dough!nuts! / sprinkle cake donut, vanilla sugar donut holes

brioche french toast / brown sugar honey, salted cream ,honey syrup

belgian waffle / peach compote, lots of whipped cream

wallace granola / seasonal berries, vanilla and honey yogurt 



add grilled chicken or seared wild salmon   


little gem caesar / creamy parmesan, pickled shallot, croutons  

spring squash / soft egg, spinach, herbed balsamic vinaigrette

market greens / fennel, pear, candied pecan, pomegranate vinaigrette  



west coast oysters / green apple mignonette, lemon

salmon gravlax / horseradish cream cheese, pickled cucumbers, dill, house bialy 

two egg classic / choice of bacon or sausage, roasted potatoes, grilled ciabatta

pork belly tartine / poached egg, hollandaise, house made english muffin

short rib hash / roasted peppers, potato, sunny side eggs

chilaquiles / tortilla, roasted chicken, salsa rojo, spiced crema, queso fresco

gravy fries / cheddar, spicy mayo, chives, fried egg

shakshouka / spicy tomato sauce, merguez sausage, feta, soft egg

biscuits n' gravy / house sausage, red eye gravy, fried eggs

b.l.t.a / neuskes bacon, avocado, herb aioli, house dutch crunch roll

breakfast burrito / pastrami, scrambled egg, cheddar, potato, chives   

carne asada & eggs / potatoes OG, spanish rice, salsa

chicken & waffle / maple butter, red chile syrup, old bay  

a.m. burger / bacon, fried potato, cheddar, garlic aioli, runny egg, brioche bun  



2 eggs      


potatoes OG

house sausage    

english muffin

updated 7.31.17 


beers on tap



Angel City Brewing Co. / Los Angeles


Ballast Point, Big Eye / San Diego 


bottled beer



New Belgium Shift / Colorado 5%


belgian blonde ale

Uinta, Monkshine  / Utah 6.8%



Left Coast, Trestles / San Clemente 6.8%


belgian strong ale

Unibroue, Maudite / Canada 8%



Mission Brewing, Dark Seas / San Diego 10.5%



Woodchuck / Vermont 5%



Erdinger / Belgium 0% 




cava, orange juice  


bloody mary 

vodka, tomato, celery, fennel, horseradish  



campari. cava, chamomile, lemon  


morning sex 

bourbon, passion fruit, chai – fennel syrup, peychaud’s 


early ace 

london dry gin, earl grey. lemon, pistachio foam  


apple tree 

damrak gin, clear creek apple brandy, lillet blanc, honey  





drip / espresso  / americano / latte  / cappucino / mocha  


sodas & juice


flower power hibiscus, pomegranate, fizzy water  

top drawer earlgrey syrup, fizzy water, lemon twist  

orange juice / grapefruit juice